Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Times Brides 2009 Ad

Hello friends, 

How are you? We are great! Enjoying this weather and those beautiful green hills. Could we live in a more beautiful place? Jesse and I went on a drive today and the lupins and poppies are starting to come up. Amazing! 
We were lucky enough to even see the snow fall in Santa Margarita last week (photos to come soon, Jesse is taking over the photography computer making ridiculously cool slideshows for the A-Town Skate Park), we also have some family portraits to blog about, the Doomsday Skate Competition, BMX free-ride  and twin babies Mila and Asher...lots of cuteness. Again I have to ask for your patience, but I will be posting soon. 
In the meantime, New Times came out with their Brides 2009 supplement last Thursday and we have an Ad that we would like you to check out, not to mention all the helpful articles. 
You can check out the virtual issue here

We hope all you lovebirds out there had a good Valentines Day! 

Shannon Moore

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