Monday, April 2, 2012

The Hair Lounge | Fashion Photographer | Santa Maria, Ca.

I am so excited to share these photos with you guys. This was a CRAZY day!!! 
I received a text from the Awesome Ana, owner and stylist of The Hair Lounge, about a month and a half ago asking if I would be available to shoot some models for her so she could use the photos at the upcoming bridal fair...I love Ana and she is amazing at what she does so I was more than thrilled to do it for her. The only thing was, we needed to do it ASAP since I was pregnant and due in a little less than a month. So we scheduled the photo shoot for about 1 week later. Little did I know, my daughter had other plans. The morning of the photo shoot my water started to leak. I was feeling fine and at that point I knew Ana had already started on hair and makeup for all the models. So I did the photo shoot anyway :), probably not the best idea..but I was so excited about it. Five hours later, the shoot was done, and Jesse and I headed to the hospital. Penelope Lynn was born just over 24 hours later :) 

I highly recommend The Hair Lounge for all your wedding ( and non-wedding ) needs! They are super sweet, professional and talented. 

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