Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving-Yosemite, Ca.

Jesse, Jude and I spent this past Thanksgiving nestled together in a cabin in Yosemite for four days. It was beautiful, crisp, fresh and covered in powdery snow. We were also joined by six of the coolest people to walk this earth, our great friends we are so blessed to know. This was not Jude's first visit to the snow, but I am sure this will be his first memory of it...he LOVED it, especially eating it. Jude and I built a snowman together that later got sacrificed in a great snowball battle. I hope you enjoy the photos. :)

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Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures shannon. can tell that you guys had a memorable time. yosemite is an amazing place and you definitely captured its magic in your pictures. thanks for sharing with us!! ~Sharon