Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chris and Shiran's Engagements - SLO, Ca.

Chris and Shiran are so fun. I always get so excited to finally meet people that I feel I already know through only phone conversations. Shiran and Chris are a great match!
We started out the day meeting at Sally Loos (of course) and then headed on over to the Laguna Lake Park, and had our fingers crossed the whole way that it wont rain. It didn't take long until the sun started peaking through the clouds and we got some really nice light. Then we drove out to Montana De Oro and the sky just blew me was just full of soft swirls. But Jesse and I knew of one more place we wanted to go, somewhere were we have always wanted to take a couple. Shiran and I both love Eucalyptus so this place was perfect.

Chris is a film editor out of LA and has a film currently up for an Oscar. Congratulations again Chris, this is truly amazing. To check out the film, Kavi, please visit this link:

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