Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brandon and Jen Manuele Portraits - San Luis Obsipo

Brandon and Jen are dear friends of Jesse and I. They are fellow photographers that we met over two years ago at a Bridal Fair. They are getting ready to speak at a conference in Mexico and needed some updated photos of the two of them together. Jesse and I were so excited that they asked us to do it. Brandon and Jen are beautiful inside and out and I just adore these photos.


Beth said...

oh golden sunshine!! LOVE these all! They are a very beautiful couple. Is she the one behind the counter at the cafe? she looks familiar somehow.
I think my fave is the almost silhouettey one (yes i know that's not a word) and the field ones where they are laying down. sigh.. i think i have found my location for when you do our family photos! hehe :D
ok.. i will end my novel.

the end :)

Moore Photography said...

Beth- They own the cafe Sally Loo's and she was working behind the counter during the launch party. They are great friends of ours and photogs as well. This place would be wonderful for your family! When do you want to do them?

Cameron Ingalls said...

beautiful work... LOVE the Manueles!

Jen Slot said...

Um, GORGEOUS! I love, love, love the location and the amazing light. You seriously rocked this session!