Monday, July 16, 2012

Samantha and Darren | Wedding Photographer | San Luis Obispo, Ca. | Part 1

Samantha and Darren got married at the BEAUTIFUL Dalidet Adobe in San Luis Obispo, Ca. The weather was perfect, the flowers were blooming, and everyone was super happy :) This was our first wedding of the season, and the first back after the birth of our daughter. I was sooo ready to photograph a wedding, and Samantha and Darren were the perfect "welcome back" couple. There were so many great photos, so this is a long post. Jesse's film shots from the day will be in Part 2 along with their advice and story for planning their wedding. 

Samantha and Darren's romantic love story:
Darren and I actually met at LAX, we were both flying to Hungary to spend a semester studying at a bible college there. It was not love at first sight; it was just nice to have a travelling buddy. As we began the semester in our little Hungarian village, we ended up sharing most of the same friends and slowly began building a friendship ourselves. After a month I threw him a surprise birthday party. I didn’t realize my feelings then, but looking back it’s pretty obvious that I had already developed quite the heart for him. Why else does a girl throw a cute guy a surprise party, right? Around the same time, Darren and I had a conversation in which I explained that I thought I might be called to a life of singleness. In response, Darren apparently decided that he should change those plans and sweep me off my feet. He also started growing a beard, because I love beards and let’s face it he wanted to impress me. By the end of the semester, Darren had decided he was going to marry me and proceeded to tell all of his friends and even his parents. Mind you, this is before he’d even asked me out. When he did get around to asking me out in June 2009 (he did let me in on his plans to marry me too) I had already realized what an amazing man Darren is and how incredibly lucky I would be if I could be with him. So obviously I said yes. We spent our first six months traveling Europe together (Crazy romantic, right?). Then we returned home to CA and I decided to finish my bachelor’s degree and Darren got to work, saving up for my beautiful ring and making sure we’d be ready to get married. Yea, I got myself a keeper! After two and half years of dating, Darren proposed to me at the See Canyon Fruit Ranch amidst the apple trees, right before sunset. It was absolutely perfect!

Wedding Dress: Martina Liana (designer) || Shoes: Kelly and Katie from DSW || Garter: Made by Bride’s Grandma || Jewelry: Bride: Mom’s pearl necklace (shortened); Mother of the Bride’s bracelet: Made from extra pearls from Bride’s necklace; Bracelets for Mother of the Groom, Flower Girl, Grandmothers, and Earrings for Bridesmaids: made by Bride’s talented friend, Jessica Oh. || Suits: Groom’s: Men’s Wearhouse; Groomsmen: Assorted Stores || Bridesmaid dresses: Modcloth, Kohl’s, Forever 21. || Bouquets: Sprigs || Save the Dates: Kristin Spencer || Invitations: Jessica Nicholson at Sable and Snow || Cake: Baked by Christy Renner (Bridesmaid), and Decorated by Joanna Tombs (Bridesmaid). Joanna also made our adorable cake toppers! || Catering: Guest House Catering || Photo booth: || Videography: Gresham Visuals || Coordination: Day-of Coordination: JoAnne Plummer || DJ: James Jepsen’s Borrowed Time || ’57 Pontiac and ’32 Ford: Father of the Bride’s. || Tablecloths and Table Centerpiece Flowers: Bride and her grandma || Pillows: Bride’s other grandma (such talented grandmas!) || Boutonnieres: Bride’s Mom || Bear Cookie Favors: Bride’s Mom, Bride, and Sara Gallagher (Bridesmaid) || Scrapbook Guestbook: Amanda Bell (Maid of Honor) || The rest of the decor: Bride, Bridesmaids, and Bride’s Family (Team crafting effort!)

For set-up, it was all our bridal party, friends, the Bride’s family, and our day-of coordinator. They did such a wonderful job and were willing to work so hard in order to make our day incredible. We could not be more blessed by the loving and talented people in our lives!


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